Going it alone..

Thanks for joining me!

This is my first blog on my new website, I recently took the big step to start my own firm having spent more than 20 years having been an employee.

As the father of two small children and the husband to an already self employed wife it was a huge decision to undertake but I really felt like the time was right. So I took a deep breath handed in my noice, gave back my van and took the big step in to the unknown.

There have been challenges that I never thought woud even be, well, challenging! From finding a van, getting a website built, buying a new very fancy accounting programme and more. Many of these things aren’t even things I consdered when I knew I wanted to start my own firm.. my thought would be that finding work would be the hard part, very luckily I haven’t struggled with that – touch wood! – so far.

The decision for me to start CGS wasn’t an easy one and has taken months of preparation and soul searching but in the end it was the right thing to do for my family. Being self employed means I have the flexibility to spend more time with the children and with Laura (Mrs CGS Electrical).

There have been some easy decisions like logos, what type of van I’d want, the look and and feel of my website; others like, whether or not to incorporate straight away, web hosting and book keeping have been far more complex and time consuming than I’d ever imagined! Although these aren’t really things I’d envisaged my first month of business would include and the learning curve has been increadibly steep, I’m enjoying the challenge of sorting it all out.

The purpose of my blog is not only to keep you up to date with our work and business but to help anwer some of your questions and do a bit of online trouble shooting.. so each month I will be aiming to tackle a commonly asked question or bust a myth or two!

Thank you

Chris and the CGS Team